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Suami jual rumah, ceraikan dan tinggalkan isteri dan anak demi bersama perempuan lain

Bila sudah berkahwin, mainkanlah peranan dan laksanakan tanggungjawab anda sebagai suami. Hidup susah atau senang, tempuhi bersama dengan isteri sehingga berjaya dan hasilnya boleh digunakan untuk menambah baikkan rumah tangga anda. 
Kesetiaan seorang isteri ini bagaikan tidak dihargai. Sedangkan dialah yang banyak membantu dan menjadi tulang belakang kepada suami pada fasa awal rumah tangga mereka. Dari hidup susah, kepada hidup senang, masing-masing berusaha untuk keluarga. 
Malangnya, langit tidak selalunya cerah apabila si suami mula lupa diri dan kesetiaannya pada isteri mula goyah. 
Let me tell you about Babi. This is a story of Babi, an ex husband. Please don’t be like Babi. 
Makcik and Babi were in relationship for 5-6 yeras before decided to get married in 2009 @ 2010. Makcik helped Babi in building career where she sacrificed many things. She took full responsibility of taking care of their child, house chores despite she’s a working adult. 
Within few years of working, Babi managed to have RM10,000 salary, buy superbike, buy condo etc. Amazing innit? 
Their child had terrible skin condition that requires a full care. The child’s food intake, clothing, even detergent are exclusive. 
Makcik had trouble with keeping balance as the child consumer her energy and time. But hey, family. And she love her child. 
Obviously Babi can afford paying everything lah. Babi play guitarist his Uni years. 
One fine day, Babi said he wanted to continue long lost hobby as guitarist. So right after work, he would spend his time to jamming with the band. It was / or still / a band of men and one female singer. 
This leave makcik with no choice other than agrreeing with Babi. Cause Baby have this one Babi attitude – he has no consideration towards people around him in a long run. 
So makcik who work in shift (that gave her extra RM1-2,000) decided to change her work to normal working hours as she knew no one can take care of the child at 9 pm cause Babi is busy work + jamming. 
Early last year, Babi decide to sell their house and that’s when makcik noticed he change. 
Babi used to spend weekend for family a bit but, after he’s joining the band, he ever hada the time for the family including play with his child. 
Alasan dia: “Nak jaming, kerja banyak.”
Eh babi, jamming lagi penting dari anak ke sial? 
And he’s always ‘hiding’ something like denying, giving excuses. Sometimes, Babi would slept at his mother house as it is near to work. 
Last year, he would sleep there almost everyday. 
Makcik obviously devastate lah. Ingat senang jaga anak dia itu? Payah nak mampus. Takleh peluh sikit, makan telur secoet je terus kulit mengelupas, gatal merah, etc. We’re dealing with extreme eczema. Babi wasn’t f*cking even there. 
Makcik was 50 kilogram. She’s small. Due to stress, overload with work and burden to take care of everything alone, her weight drop to 39 – 42 kilogram. Umur di pertengahan 30 tapi kurus nak mampus. 
When they sold the house they’d live for years, they rent out a house, an empty house. Babi promise to buy everything to complete the house. Bu he rarely home after they moved there. The houses was terribly incomplete. 
Babi stopped being a father dan a husband. He started being kedekut. Dahlah jual rumah, then tinggal makcik seorang dengan anak yang sakit. Rumah tak siap, dengan gaji RM10,000, jarang ambil cuti. Apa salahnya kau stop kejap kerja seminggu dan tolong makcik. But nope, you chose to divorce her talak satu thru WhatsApp atas alasan “I tak cukup bagus untuk you. You perfect. Boleh buat semua benda sendiri”. 
Eh Babi, kau yang tak nak involve dengan keluarga aku. You LEFT the baby, a child. You have everything. You have a terrific job while makck struggling kena marah sebab benan busy with the child. 
You have terrific hobby while makcik struggling kena marah sebab been busy with the child. You have a terrific hobby while makcik spent her time with house chores. 
You have a girlfriend, while makcik crying her lungs out knowing you spend a holiday with her in Langkawi during her birthday. Despite you never want for holiday with your real famly. 
You sold the house you had and left makcik with empty house while planning to buy a luxurious 2620 sqft landed house equipped with greenery view with your side chick. 
You can spent time hiking with your chick and her baby brother in Europe while your child screaming, crying, searching and shouting “where’s papa”, “Why papa is not home?” 
You promise makcik RM100,000 sebagai tuntutan. Eh mana? You gave the hild RM700 sebulan as nafkah? +400 for makcik? 
Eh Babi, the child’s skin care is already RM300, cheapest nursery is 500 in Cyberjaya. And you? Three weeks Europe trip? 
And for f*ck sake, your side chick is your f*cking employee. How could you?! 
Yes, I’m glad you paid for Makcik’s car and house rent walaupun bagi nafkah less than what Makcik proposed. Itu pun berkira, lambat bagi sebab hey it is not your responsibility kan? Eh Babi, you did this, you created this mess, it is your responsibility. 
Babi, I respected you with all my heart previously. Now, I seriously wanted to see you and smack your face. Babi, I hope you don’t dare come to makcik untuk dapatkan tuntutan hak penjagaan anak when the child is at certain age. Or else, I’ll burry you. I don’t f*cking care. 
To the side chick, your text to makcik was f*cking stupid. You took her happiness that she created for more than 10 years. It’s you f*cking direc manager that you’re having affair with. I wish you hell. 
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