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(Video) Bayi 2 Bulan Batuk Sampai Tak Cukup Nafas

This was my mighty #omaoma a year ago, a few days after being discharged from hospital. Wished I could erase this part of his life. Wished he didn’t get the Pertussis (batuk kokol). 
So imagine that cough being 4-5 times worse and the duration being 2-3 times longer. Imagine a merely 2 months old baby, desperately trying to catch a breathe in that excruciating moment. That was Omar before being treated. And also imagine being the parent ot that baby. It was a heart breaking, sad, helpless and scary moment. 
Oh well, for the golongan yang membahasakan diri mereka ‘Pro Choice (read: pro disease), pertussis, diphtheria and measles is just another disease saja pun kan? Apalah sangat baby not even 2 months old batuk-batuk sampai tak cukup nafas, tak boleh minum dan kalau minum pun muntah balik, lethargic and dehydrated. 

It’s my anak, bukan anak korang pun kan. Got nothing to do with they society. The herd immunity that we health care workers are talking about, is just a bunch of crap, doesn’t exist pun. 
Our children, (yours, mine and everyone) has the right to be safe in the society and that is our job to try and make it safe. Sometimes selfish itu perlu, but if your selfishness and ignorance causing others to suffer then to namanya irresponsible dan menganiaya orang. 
Do the right thing, vaccine your child. – Eryana Susantri | PIXEL MEDIA
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