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‘Badan Kau Gemuk Macam Badak Dowh!’

“Weyh, kau gemuk mcm badak doh. Taknak diet ke?”

“Muka kau banyak gila jerawat weyh. Macam jalan tar. Haha”
Sometimes, you might only want to take these words as a joke. You might only want to make the situation become hilarious. But mate, don’t you ever ever use other people’s physical and appearance as a joke. Maybe it sounds normal for you. But, not for them.
They might laugh in front of you. Like yeah, you know, some people were really good on lying. They tend to hide their feeling.
“Haha, aku happylaa gemuk. Asalkan aku dapat makan sedap. Wekk. Aku bahagia weyh”

“Okay apa muka camni. Takdelaa jantan nak ganggu aku. Haha”
Don’t judge a book by its cover. So then, don’t expect those words really came from their heart. They laughed in front of you. Eventually, they ended up locking themself in their room. Crying all out alone, struggling, asking themself how to change this and how to change that.

“Kenapa aku takleh kurus mcm orang lain ya Allah,”
“Kenapa kulit muka aku tk lincin mcm kawan aku,”
Its not like being fat is their choices. Its not like having pimples is their choices. Your words are hurting them. It makes them sad. It would bring them to the depression that you didnt know. To the tears that they didnt show. They will lost their self-esteem. They will feel that they are not being accepted by everyone regardless of how they look.
Watch your words mate. There’s something that you can make fun of and there’s something that you should not. Don’t make fun of other people’s appearances and look. You don’t know what is happening behind. Otokeng? – Luqman San | PIXEL MEDIA
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