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‘Anak-Anak Aku Tak Layak Ada Ayah Curang Seperti Kau!’

Tak serik walaupun telah diberi banyak peluang oleh si isteri. Si suami tetap menerusikan hobinya untuk berfoya-foya dengan wanita lain. 
Berang dan tidak tahan dengan suaminya itu, wanita berkenaan luah rasa amarahnya di laman Facebook akan perbuatan terkutuk suaminya yang didakwa mempunyai hubungan sulit dengan seorang perempuan kabaret. 
To my husband Romie, After I’ve given you one last chance after so many affairs and now there’s another one with another person or the same person, I don’t know cause sounds liek Sabahan again. 

Saved her name under Tone IPD. You thought I will never know? She call me ‘Mem Besar’ lagi. She asked you how can I find out that you slept with her. She asked GPS ka? 

Please la. God’s gift of another sense to woman where her husband is greater than GPS okay! 

I noticed this few months ago when you’re not at home in the morning. And in the morning, you were at Petanak area. And it’s very impossible. 

Now I know. Everytime when you’re not home, you slept with her at that area. I think she works at a pub at that area. Pandai-pandai tell me have to kerja malam, but you slept with that bitch! 

I thougt after give you one last chance, you will be good. But I got it all wrong. I just pity my kids, 2 years dan 6 years old. I’m gonna raise them up all by myself. They don’t deserve a father like you.

Just wait for the divorce papers since you like this kind of life! I don’t care if I have to humiliate you again in public. You deserve it! You never learn anything. Not even until you lose your kids and wife! One after another affair! 

Today, 30 June 2016, I found out the latest one. Since I’m with you total of 7 affairs that I found out. And I’ve forgiven you so many times until now I don’t want anymore. 

Only god knows how I feel. I cried so much when sending the kids to school and daycare this morning. And thanks to Adrian George/Yen Cai for bringing him into all this. 

My life like hell ever since Oktober when he was so close to you. Berapa kali sudah you kantoi make me find out what my husband did with you. Some more have affair together and both of your affairs are good friends! No wonder your wife leaves you! 

I can’t handle this anymore. I just need to focus on the kids that’s it. I know God will always be with me. – Violet
Usahlah memperlakukan golongan wanita seperti ini. Mereka bergadai nyawa melahirkan zuriat untuk anda, selain menjadi isteri yang taat dan menguruskan makan minum pakai suami. 
Soroklah macam mana sekali pun, si isteri tetap akan dapat menghidung perbuatan terkutuk si suami. Hanya cepat atau lambat sahaja. – PIXEL MEDIA
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